Welcome to Department of Enjoyment

We are delighted to announce the launch of Europe’s newest brand serving the adult toy, games and playthings industry.

Department of Enjoyment has been a real journey of discovery for our own team. When we started out, thinking about setting up an adult online store, some of the team were feeling worried about what their friends might think of them. 

As time passed and following discussions with family and friends, we quickly learned that actually, we are no different to most in that we all have a real inner need to feel that we were doing something worthwhile with our lives. As we learnt more about the importance of sex to our personal well-being, we began to feel empowered by the thought that hey, we are actually making a positive contribution to peoples’ relationships through enhancing their sex lives.

At our heart, that is exactly what we hope to achieve through Department of Enjoyment: opening up the discussion around sex and sexual fantasy and the enormously liberating power it can bring. 

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we do and share your own experiences, questions and comments through the blog or, if you have purchased a product from us, our product reviews.

Thanks to you all for your contribution. Enjoy!

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