Department of Enjoyment | Wolverhampton Event Hire

Welcome to our Events Team, Department of Enjoyment professionally operated events apparatus for all occasions .  We are one of the UK’s leading event hire companies havomng provided our services to some of the UK’s most prestigious clients including large financial institutions, Country Estates, leading charities, multi-Nationals and private clients’ very special parties. From a range of exclusive apparatus such as the mobile zip line and other popular activities such as rodeo bull and surf simulators, you are sure to find what you need right here.

We are totally committed to making your party or event as memorable and as much fun as possible. All team members have been selected for their out-going personallity, sense of humour and can-do attitude helping to ensure the success of your party or event. We have many years working with clients from all sectors, helping with the design of each event, balancing appropriate activities with tight budgets thus ensuring that you and your clients have a great time.  All prices exclude VAT